Business Results

Leading brands producing leading results

Maintaining competitive advantage for brands requires innovation, creativity, and agility to respond to changing market dynamics. However research reveals that marketing organisations typically spend one-third of time, budgets and resources on managing the two-thirds of marketing activity that actually produces results.

Automating marketing processes and streamlining workflows drives efficiency and innovation

iApproveit’s custom-tailored implementations significantly reduce marketing management overhead and enable our clients to increase speed to market, leverage brand assets, and focus resources on innovation.

Typical results for our clients include:

  • Payback on investment within 6-12 months
  • Up to 80% reduction in approval times
  • Up to 72% reduction in embedded process costs
  • Up to 30% reduction in printing costs
  • Up to 23% reductions in design agency costs
  • Completely eliminating costly write-offs

This is achieved by:

  • Creating customised automated workflows that optimise established business processes with world’s best practices
  • Saving thousands of hours in calls, emails, and inefficient processes
  • Substantially reducing review cycles from manual-system averages of 6-rounds to world’s best practice averages of 2.1 revision rounds
  • Reducing costly design and printer fees by eliminating job write-offs, reworks, re-creation of lost artwork, last-minute rush jobs and wasted proofs
  • Securely controlling the sharing of thousands of brand assets with hundreds of employees and external users
  • Increasing accountability and efficiency by monitoring the performance of teams, individuals, and agencies with full audit trails and automated notifications and reminders